Sustainable Investing Events for Financial Advisors

Sustainable Investing Solutions (SIS) symposiums are a one day regional gatherings of financial advisors, consultants, and other client facing wealth management professionals focused on learning more about sustainable investing solutions. Over 1,500 investors have attended SIS events over the past three years.

2020 SIS Symposiums

Portland, OR – April 21st

Minneapolis, MN – July 23rd

Seattle, WA – April 22nd

Dallas, TX – September 24th

Denver, CO – May 14th

Washington, DC – October 14th

Who is Attending?

Financial Advisors, Family Offices, Investment Consultants

Topics Include

ESG Integration

Equity and Fixed Income focused firms share their process for the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data in their respective investment processes, providing important insights to advisors looking to build sustainable portfolios.

Impact Investing

Panelists discuss how direct impact investing, both nationally and taking place locally, plays an additive role in diversifying investment portfolios.

Advisor Best Practices

Participants learn the fundamentals of SRI/ESG/Impact investing from their peers including the role shareowner advocacy, various SRI/ESG screening methods, and tips and tools for establishing and growing an SRI/ESG/Impact advisory practice. The section will help advisors who are new to SRI and desire a better understanding how to communicate and incorporate SRI into their professional roles.

Shareholder Advocacy

Panelists discuss the current state of Shareholder Advocacy and the progress of current initiatives.  Shareholder advocacy leverages stock ownership in publicly-traded companies to promote change.  Advocacy can take the form of a dialogue between shareholders and the company, the filing of a shareholder resolution, and proxy voting strategy.

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