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We serve the needs of a diverse array of clients, including individuals, families, businesses, and institutional investors through a broad range of customized investment strategies.

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“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”  –  Benjamin Graham

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Since 1990 we have focused on thinking independently, finding absolute value, investing with a long term perspective, focusing capital on our best ideas and managing risk of permanent capital loss.

Appleseed Capital provides its investors with a range of value-oriented and impact-oriented investment strategies.

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Quarterly Letter – Investing in Uncertain Times

Quarterly Letter – Investing in Uncertain Times

Slowly but surely, the world has been moving from compromise and coordination to name-calling and tribalism. We read news of impeachment inquiries, trade wars, mass demonstrations, accusations of treason, worsening geopolitical tensions, conspiracy theories, fake news, and Twitter curses, sometimes all in the same day. The current period will likely be studied closely by historians trying to make sense of the many seemingly irreconcilable conflicts that have surfaced.

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Small Cap ESG Value as an Alternative to Private Equity Impact Investing

Small Cap ESG Value as an Alternative to Private Equity Impact Investing

Private equity investing is often described as a superior alternative to public equity investing with studies citing private equity’s historical outperformance vis-a-vis the S&P 500 Index. However, these studies frequently do not adjust for issues such as 1) appropriate benchmark selection, 2) current market valuations, 3) illiquidity, and 4) high fees.