Our Strategies

Appleseed Capital strategies employ a go-anywhere value approach integrating Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) criteria.

Long/Short ESG

With our long/short global value ESG strategy, we seek to make long-term investments in high quality public companies we believe are undervalued and will create enduring value for our investors over the long-term.  At the same time, we will sell short the shares of companies we believe are low quality to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns, to reduce portfolio volatility, or to hedge market risk.  We expect to make significant investments in our high conviction ideas, which means we will invest in a limited number of portfolio companies. When we conduct our fundamental analysis, we evaluate companies with respect to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors to identify strong performers for prospective long investments and also to identify weak performers for prospective short investments.

Because we are go-anywhere value investors, we do not place limitations on securities or asset classes where we may invest.  This alternative strategy may include, but is not limited to, long or short positions in equities, commodity-related securities, open and closed-end funds, fixed income securities of any variant, ETFs, ETNs, business trusts, real estate fund companies, derivatives, and publicly-traded partnerships; we will make investments in companies of any market capitalization or geography.  The strategy may go long or short at any one time.

Strategy Inception Date:  12/14/2014
Benchmark:  MSCI World Index
Available Vehicles:  Separate Accounts

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