About Us

Founded in 1990 and based in Chicago, IL Appleseed Capital is an independent wealth and investment management firm that focuses on outstanding research and disciplined impact investing strategies.  Appleseed Capital strategies employ a go-anywhere value approach that integrates environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to identify high quality investments which are also undervalued.  Our primary goal has always been the preservation of capital, balanced against generating attractive rates of return over the long-term.  We focus as much time and energy seeking to avoid downside risk as we do seeking to generate positive returns.

We work with all of our clients as a fiduciary, which means that 100% of our recommendations and investment decisions are made with the best interests of the client in mind.  We work for our clients, and all of the fees we earn are fees we earn from our clients.

We provide the following services to our clients:

Investment Management:  For individuals, families, and institutional investors, we provided a wide range of value-oriented, impact investment strategies.  For separate account clients, we offer customized investment strategies aligned with each client’s risk tolerance, return goals, and unique financial values.

Wealth Management: For our wealth management clients, we provide financial advice across a full range of areas including but not limited to taxes, retirement planning, estate planning, private equity, and limited partnerships.

Financial Planning: We work with each client to understand their financial circumstances and long-term life goals in order to develop an attainable financial plan.  Our clients include retirees, professionals planning for their retirement, and entrepreneurs.